Recovery & ROM

RECOVERY & Range of Motion (ROM) Training

BodyForge offers Recovery & ROM classes that allow you to focus on releasing tight muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion, and increasing your comfort. These classes are lead by specialists and are designed to focus on overall mobility that may be hindered from stiff, tight or sore muscles that may have a lack of range of motion.

Our Flex Techs prepare you for a full-body recovery and range of motion class that gives your nervous system the ability to reduce tension, let go and increase the overall range of motion you can move your body parts.

For people who are sore after a good workout, sit down at a desk all day, or binge-watch shows throughout the week, BodyForge’s Recovery & ROM Classes give you great benefits that will keep benefiting your body throughout the week. Coupled with our semi-private personal training classes, these Recovery and ROM sessions are a surefire way to kickstart and increase your mobility, giving you improvements in your posture. And these improvements in posture, range of motion, and mobility become permanent with weekly sessions.

TRY YOUR FIRST CLASS FOR ONLY $10. RSVP by texting our main line, calling, or requesting more information.

BodyForge offers walk-ins, and 2 and 4 times per month memberships as low as $12.50/session for a full 50-min stretch class.

We offer the following memberships for Flexibility & Range of Motion Classes

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