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BodyForge specializes in semi-private personal training sessions that are designed to give you a comprehensive, full-body strength training program that builds energy, stamina, and power while focusing on your target weight and overall fitness goals. Our “always-arm’s-length,” personal trainers will go the extra mile to ensure you get a challenging workout with proper, personal guidance for a fraction of the cost of a one-on-one personal trainer.

Our small group strength training programs focus on building muscle from head to toe, endurance, and a healthy lifestyle for our members while fostering community and a positive environment inside our boutique facility.

The workouts are not designed as circuits or all-together-now training, but as specific lower and upper body workouts you do at your own pace under the guidance of a certified personal trainer – in a small group.

Strength training benefits-

Get on board and change your life! There’s nothing better than a FREE workout with personal trainers.



It’s not easy to lose or gain weight the correct way. Many people give or follow the wrong advice, including the media, celebrities, social media influencers, and even those that may have had a great experience with a particular diet. But the truth is, most diets fail because it’s not a sustainable lifestyle choice. At BodyForge we think differently. We are not here to pressure you into any specific fad diet or unproven way of eating to lose or gain weight.

BodyForge is here to support you in making a lifestyle change that is both beneficial to your health and longevity.

BodyForge offers a nutritional plan with real, whole foods. We understand how hard it is to change, and don’t expect anyone to change drastically, overnight. It’s a process – and not an easy one to undertake. Whether you want to lose 20 lbs or gain 10 lbs of muscle, BodyForge is here to put you into our program and change your lifestyle first, whether you are ready from the start or need some time to adjust slowly.

We put you through the test of challenging yourself and learning more about fitness and nutrition. Habits are everything, and good habits are what have a drastic change on our body for life.

Join us today for a change in your life that is sustainable. A lifestyle choice that is yours.



When it comes to change, everyone needs support. BodyForge has developed a systematic approach to tracking your fitness and weight targets each week. With a simplified accountability system, it’s easy for you to stay on track while understanding which direction you are heading.

BodyForge Accountability Program includes-

We think long-term because your body deserves it. Our fitness and nutritional coaches understand fitness and, more importantly, have a genuine desire to know you and your goals. BodyForge fitness has been at the pinnacle of strength, nutrition, and accountability in Orange County for years – that’s why over 5,000 people successfully passed through the BodyForge system to a healthier body.


We offer the following membership options for Semi-Private Personal Training:

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