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Glute Camp by BodyForge

“Glute Camp” is an 8-Week training program engineered strictly for glute strength and growth, and catered for beginners and advanced levels looking for that bigger backside with just 3 hours a week. This glute-focused workout course is for those interested in one or more of the following:

BodyForge has built a reputation on results and is committed to providing one of the most sought-after muscle-building programs around the country. If you are looking to build a bigger backside and are interested in a true “growth-oriented” program that’s highly efficient to maximize aesthetics and body composition and offers nutritional coaching with accountability, then this is for you.


Semi-Private Personal Training

BodyForge has always prided itself on the use of a personal trainer during all training sessions. This is NOT a do-it-together, high-rep DB or bodyweight boot camp. This IS a real strength and growth program designed specifically for the glutes by our top fitness gurus. Learn proper form and top techniques for barbell squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and more.  It will include a personal trainer that is always at arm’s length to show you form and technique, and to push you to perform at your best through 8-weeks of optimizing your body’s new growth and changes.


Body Forge Fitness
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